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Shipping Policy

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of God, our shipping policy is straightforward and simple. The cost of shipping for each item is predetermined and included in all product pricing.


An easier process for many, that no additional fees are added after viewing the original set price of the item.


Simply purchase the item as listed, and, alhamdulillah, the pricing already has shipping costs calculated into it, no additional fees at checkout. 

[This does not apply to books, as all books are sold separately from products.]

***If you are looking for expedited shipping, please email:

to receive a quote, and we will, insha'Allah, send an invoice to have the products expedited within your selected time frame. 

Shipping Speed

This depends on where you are located around the world and the global conditions that may increase or delay shipping times. 


However, most items arrive within 7-30 days from order, and, alhamdulillah, you can usually expect the item to arrive within the first couple weeks after the order has completed the manufacture process. Please refer to your email with shipment tracking to get exact followups after your order has been sent out. 


Our manufacturers are located around the world, and the products are created and produced as quickly as possible before sent out for shipping.


Many companies have listed global changes due to Covid-19 and other global disruptions of regions that slow shipping down.


We believe prayers can, insha'Allah, offset any delays that are out of our physical control, and can, God willing, expedite the shipping process, so we encourage everyone to pray with firm faith that the item you have ordered also arrives in a timely manner, without any global delays.


Ultimately, Allah knows best, and with the ever-changing climate of the world, we can only fulfill orders to the best of our ability.


Jazak'Allah, and we appreciate your patience as the items make their way to your homes and places of work.


***If you are looking for expedited shipping, please email:

to receive a quote, and we will, insha'Allah, send an invoice to have the products expedited within your selected time frame. 

Return Policy
Return & Exchange Policy

Our return policy is straightforward and quite simple as well:


We do not accept returns.


Because the website is built off the simple principle of giving and paying it forward, and the revenue collected, from many of the items sold, is donated to various charities around the world as quickly as possible, in order to provide aid and resources to those in need. 


The goal is to keep giving, and keep the flow moving forward. If you have made a purchase that you no longer like, consider donating the item, or regifting it to a dear one. It is our heartfelt prayer that all purchases continue to, insha'Allah, move forward in the Circle of Life. 

There is one exception to this:

In the rare event that an item received arrives damaged, or there is a malfunction within the product itself upon delivery, we will, of course, replace the item immediately, or refund the item upon the customer's request. If the customer requests a replacement and the item is no longer available, an issued refund will be the only available option. 


All items submitted for a replacement, or a return, are subject to approval, and we reserve the right to deny any claims for a refund in the event that they do not meet our standard for return. 

On the slight off-chance that there does happen to be a defect or malfunction, Godforbid, please do contact us immediately. We are more than happy to replace or refund the item, and you can rest assured the error will be corrected as quickly as we are able.

This is a very rare, and highly unlikely circumstance. Nevertheless, things happen along the way with shipping and handling that are out of our control, and we feel sure that, if this happens to an order you have placed, you will kindly be patient with our mistake, as we correct it as quickly as possible, and forgive us of our shortcomings.


Our intention is to always provide pleasant, blessed, quality products, and make the process as seemingly easy as possible.

Thank you for your support. Without your purchases and the support of our global family around the world, through the Grace of the Almighty, we would not be able to sell any products, nor donate any funds to better our world at large.


Our deepest gratitude goes out to all those who support and honor all aspects of:

A Peaceful Purpose LLC


And we do hope, and pray, that our products become a source of blessing to your lives.



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