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To create a better world. 

      To help as many people as possible. 

            To assist in establishing peace on Earth. 

May Allah make it so.




Our mission in life is to evolve and become the best version of ourselves, insha'Allah, and to purify our souls completely through a state of complete surrender to Allah the Almighty, that we may, God willing, become a source of only goodness while we are here, and that all our works and efforts blossom for the earth to reap the blessings. May Allah make it so.  amīn

The decision to create this website was built upon the goal to add all the goodness Allah grants us to the earth, donate more in charity, and create a virtual space of quietude, gentleness, and a unified abode where all souls can prosper, and to, God willing, add peaceful pleasantries to this little planet through the help of our Creator. 

Whether that be through literature, journaling, or another form of art, the foundation of wishing everyone well is at the forefront of this mission, as we truly desire that everyone live in peace forever, free from every disruptive emotion.


May Allah make it so.


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